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  • Our Aim
    With the aim of providing the patients with the best dental care possible, Oracare offers a team of dental specialist along with the highest quality dental materials and equipments. At Oracare we care for the patient's oral hygiene as well as comfort.
  • What we offer
    We offer general and restorative dentistry to dental implants. We are eager to provide our facilities to the patients as our equipments have a very strict infection control system which eliminates the chance of cross infection between patients. Warm, pleasant, hygienic and patient friendly amenities will help the nervous patients to relax. The use of latest digital x-ray imaging technique, reducing the radiation makes Oracare the safest periodontal clinic.
  • Feel at ease.
    At Oracare Periodontal Clinic one can feel free and safe like home and we assure you the stress free and homely environment. Along with treatment we also educate our patients about oral hygiene and health care. Regular follow ups and post treatment counseling is also one of the facilities provided by Oracare Periodontal Clinic which makes the bonding between the clinic and the patients more strong.
“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”
- Mallory hopkins